Chris Noth, Looking HOT, Says His Biracial Son is “Natural Evolution,” But “Black Media” Does Typical Fear Mongering.

This morning I did my usual rounds of news gathering and came across a post from Clutch, sort of suggesting that “Sex and the City” actor, Chris Noth gets deluged with hate mail over his interracial marriage. In fact, that was pretty much the headline they used. But once I clicked the video and saw the entire interview, Noth told a bit of a different story. He gets hate mail from a few coo coos in Alabama. And??? It’s ALABAMA.

But the headline speaks to something else…and I don’t know if it is conscious or subconscious, but black media tends to try to scare black women away from interracial relationships in any way possible. The way the Clutch story is spun is right up there with “He’ll call you a nigger!” hysteria. And as usual, black media tends to look for negatives in regards to swirling and racial unity under every rock and hard place. They took a 30-second comment at the end of the interview, almost an afterthought, and made it the centerpiece of the story. Not cool, Clutch. Not cool.

The lesson here? Always consider the SOURCE. “Sex In The City Actor’s Marriage Incites Hate Mail.” SERIOUSLY Clutch? You can do better than this.

It’s all about framing, people. Noth says his child IS the future, and that sickos just better get over it. But it’s not just white sickos who need Jesus. #justsaying

Update: Apparently Ms. Yesha has taken this post a bit too seriously. She has true hatred for me, this site and the readers. In the blog world, everybody (including me) has to be able to handle criticism of articles others don’t agree with. But what this writer is doing is beyond the pale. Go get a drink, Ms. Callahan, and cool off. This post is just an observation. No one is blasted you as a person, or Clutch as an entity. Calm down.

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