Married Swirling

Circles of Support: What Do All These Women Have In Common?


What do we all have in common? We all love yoga, of course. But that’s not all. Each of us are interracially and inter culturally married. Starting from the left, that woman is married to a Korean man. Then me, married to the German/Irish/Polish guy, the Korean woman is married to an Englishman, the two women in the back are married to Italians–on proclaimed she was married to a “black Italian,” which I’m assuming he’s Sicilian. We all bond over yoga, and then we find out out how our romantic lives parallel.

So when I talk about having “circles of support,” full of people who will support and affirm your choice to date and marry interracially, this is one way to do it. All of these women will be invited to my garden harvest party in March.

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