Coming Down from the Mount: Lay Off the Mods!

Stop signs

I have sat by too long observing the anti-moderator sentiments, snide comments and outright contempt for the folks who help keep this site clean and free of trolls. And I have one thing to say: I will not stand for it. It’s because of them that Beyond Black & White can continue to exist without being shut down and overrun by black-woman-hating trolls and the GAT-DL (Guardians of All Things Dark and Lovely). It’s because of them that I can effectively run this site and still make time for my family obligations. Without them, I’d be pinned to my laptop constantly fighting off dragons and my personal relationships would surely suffer, and in turn I’d be forced to make a choice, and you wouldn’t like that choice, because while I love Beyond Black & White and this community, I would never pick you over my family. This site would be GONE. Believe that, because I absolutely mean it.

And while some of you might balk at how strict our policies are, understand that it’s for good reason. I let my mods make the decision of whether a post stays or goes because year after year, they have proven to me that they have integrity, loyalty and have the site’s best interest at heart. It’s because of those moderators that you get to speak to your pain and experiences without being silenced by a cadre of trolls. 

If you guys want to be on a site where you can just say whatever and start needless beefs and drama, might I direct you to pages like Bossip, Lipstick Alley, or Media Take Out.

But it won’t fly here. I need these people, and what’s more, they are like family. Don’t mess with my family.

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