Could You Give Up Your Citizenship?

Written by Saran Lawson

If you haven’t figured it out so far, I kind of like 90 Day Fiance. Saying that I ‘kind of like’ is admittedly an understatement. I have the original 90 Day Fiance and all of its franchises programmed to record on my DVR. That’s what kind of dedication I have to this show. I like it because you have two people who (oftentimes) couldn’t be more opposite in every sense of the word with 90 days to get married. Most of the time these couples have nothing in common. So, it’s always interesting to see how legit the marriage is and if they will last. I’ve recently started watching 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, where the Americans leave the country to live in their significant other’s home country. I am already fascinated with a few of the couples and their stories, but none more than Alaadin and Laura. Why do you ask? Well, it’s not so much that Laura is a year shy of 30 years Alaadin’s senior (he’s 29). It has more to do with Alaadin being hott. 

How hott do you ask? Well, he’s a personal trainer from Tunisia living in Qatar. So, yes that means he has a nice body. Also he could easily be on the cover of GQ Qatar (if they have one) with his model good looks. I’m not going to lie, I went to foreign dating sites and scoured Facebook to see if they were making more of him. He is a smoke show, and I would like to know if there are any more giving out fiancee visas where he is (kidding). It’s not often that the men on 90 Day Fiance actually live up to be as good looking as the wives from abroad. It’s even less likely that they are actually into their betrothed and not just looking for a Green Card (no matter how good looking the American is). This couple seems to be legit. I’m only judging by how she is going to live with him in his home country and how excited he seems to finally be with her. The season is still in play so he could have some major red flags that I haven’t seen yet. But, so far so good. 

Deciding to live in a foreign country solely to be with the person you love is a major decision. I understand the sacrifice is just as great for a person coming to live in the U.S. as it is for an American to leave. Going some place where you may not have job security or a place to live is a decision not to be taken lightly. It really makes a person think of whether or not this person is worth it. Even more so than couples that live in the same city. You are essentially giving up a sense of security to show someone how much you love them. Laura and a few other cast members quickly realized the weight of this decision upon leaving for and arriving to their new countries. I have a sense of adventure and wouldn’t mind living in a country for a limited amount of time. However, living there permanently and giving up citizenship is something I’m not sure about. I can’t wait to see how this whole thing plays out on the upcoming episodes. It should definitely be interesting. Could you give up your citizenship in your country to live with your significant other in their home country? Have you? Sound off in the comment section below. 


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