What the Cuss?

So Crazy We Couldn’t Make This Up: A Hebrew Isrealite Stumbles Upon Our Blog, Tells Us We’re “Killers” of the Black Race

Some people think that in 2013, sites like Beyond Black & White aren’t necessary because, hey, interracial marriages and have been legal in most states for decades. Sure; interracial relationships are a cake walk if you’re a Vietnamese woman married to a white guy compared to a black woman married to said white guy. And while all mixed-race relationships may have their challenges, there’s a special kind of hell black women go through in the black community through the most manipulative and guilt-inducing tactics you could imagine. We are told the we are bed wenches of slave masters, that we are literally KILLING black men, and that it is our personal responsibility to sacrifice self for “alla our people.


Some people think we’re exaggerating, that we are somehow manufacturing victimhood. That’s why I was delighted when a man named “Jah1,” a self-proclaimed black Hebrew Israelite stumbled upon our blog and pulled every stop possible to try to dissuade black women from opening their options to all men because of a post Jamila wrote.. I’ve cut and pasted some of his best zingers for your viewing pleasure. What you’re about to read is about as blatant as it gets in terms of what nonsense is indoctrinated into black girls and women.


From “Jah1”

Now listen here….the Black population is at 13%. The White population is in the top forty percentile. The Caucasian ethnicity have MORE than enough to date outside their ethnicity and still preserve their ethnicity. The Black race does not have that advantage.. What this mean, We Will Extinct giving ourselves to the Caucasians. To be fair, Black men do it too but all eyes MUST be on the Black Woman for this crisis. Not through any faults of your own, no ma’am. The fact you are a Black Women, comes with the title of being the Backbone to the Black Race. You must be stopped at all cost or we are gone as a race, ma’am. Do you understand?

BB&W TRANSLATION: Black men can do whatever they want. It is you, black woman, and you alone who is responsible for the future of blackness. It is you who must make all the sacrifices and bear all the abuse, but HEY! it’s not your fault you were born with a black vagina.

…And given the trends of bi-racial children growing up and mating Whites too, the Black race will be effectively on the verge of extinction. Women like you HELP that cause by already planting it in your daughter’s mind of liking every other ethnicity and nationality but her own. That’s cruel, if you ask me. I fear women like you. That’s akin to being a traitor and should be kept far away from American Black women and our Black girls.

BB&W TRANSLATION: Jamila, STFU!! If word gets out that black women are no longer giving blind allegiance to the black man and finding their own bliss by considering CHARACTER ABOVE COLOR then whose couch will I sleep on? Who’s womb can I use as a sperm receptacle to make legions of black males to fight Whitey when the race war starts??!

And to Brenda55 the wise and all knowing Jah1 said this…

You like a demon lurking to attack the Truth to keep young Black women indoctrinated to your retarded, utopia non-sense. I got the entire Slavery history on my side including your ANCESTOR MOTHERS THAT WAS RAPED BY THEIR WHITE MASTERS. What you got??? Some new-age crusade thought-up off raw emotions because you saw a few too many brothers dating White women??? Girl please! Sit down! You dumb! Black women, please, hear me out as a Black Man. This sister (Brenda) didn’t know who she was talking to but I’ll be waiting for her to open your mouth some more so I can continue to expose how silly het rationale is. I just want to say, the BWE that’s pushing these far-left views are aligned with far-left liberalism.

BB&W TRANSLATION: You’re all just bitter because black men date and marry anyone they want to! So what if you’re mad! THEY can do it, but YOU can’t. You’re the horn of Africa. Black men should have no responsibility to maintain the race except to guilt, insult, blog, and makes videos about how evil and disgusting black women in interracial relationships are. This and ONLY THIS, is their job. The black chicks do everything else. Oh! And you’re marrying a rapist!!

But here is where he confused me. He says that only 1% of black women are married interracially (it’s more like 10%, but who cares about the facts when you’ve got the Truth according to Jah?) and that most black women want black men. But if that’s true, why is he even here? Nothing to worry about, right? We’re inconsequential, right? Wrong. He says to me…

Good observation, sistah. As a Black Man that loves my race, I think it’s crucial the whole 13% of our population stay BLACK as much as possible. Why? Because 13% is roughly 40 million people while the Asians, who used to be at 3%, is now at 9%. Our numbers sre stagnant and increasing painstakely slow. Any small exodus of our sistahs mating outside their race will trigger our numbers downward. We can’t take any chances. I’m not commanding you. I laying out the reality, the facts here, my sistahs. This is critical. Do you care? Can any sistahs here tell me if they care about BOTH Black Woman and Black Ma n maintaining their race identity???

BB&W TRANSLATION: Again, black men can date and marry whomever they want. It is absolutely unacceptable for even ONE black woman to marry and mate with non-black men. She is the backbone of all, yet we will give her no power. We black kings will be in charge while you keep popping out little black soldiers for the impending race war.

Then I asked OH WISE JAH what, with the 80% out-of-wedlock rate, should marriage-minded black women do if they want a stable home and father present for their children. He sure schooled me!

Be realistic and take a closer look why there’s an 80% out-of-wedlock rate in the Black community. Those numbers tends to gravitates to the poor Blacks of our community….the ghettos and loud-mouth, ratchet Black women that identifies with culture. Do we see sistahs and brothers in the higher echelon of our community having those issues? Hardly. They’re educated, responsible and quality and decent Black people/couple. I see many such Black couples like that in Texas where I’m from. My point, it’s who you’re attracting, Christely. You seem to be a pretty smart girl yourself with a good command of written English. There is no doubt in my mind a decent brother, on your level, is out there. And I just enlarged your picture because I’m using my phone here. You are a nice looking sistahs. You mean to tell me there are no decent brother seeking you out? Be real, now. If you just have a strong craving or lust for White mem, the by all mean, follow your heart but know this, my sistah: you are ending the Melanin / Dominant Genes brothers like me. You killing us softly with each Black women hording over for the White Man. That hurt. We have to look to the sistahs to maintain or existence and identity. I would say it’s selfish for ANY sister to not want to contribute to her race. That’s a blow to me…a cast-off of my royal, Melanin brown skin and Dominant genes. You throwing me away to go to a White ethnicity who lacks Melanin, has Recessive Genes and is an inferior genetic species. That hurt, sistah. That really, really hurt. And the younger Black girls getting brianwashed too but they still too young for marriage. So, it’s looking dangerous to perserves our existence…….all to perserve a White ethnicity whose genes is so inferior, that it’s mixed witb the neanderthal genomes. Cave/Ape people is their origin. We were made in the image of Yah….no genetic defects. None! So, you throw me away for that????

BB&W TRANSLATION: Oh, there’s just so much there. Apparently according to Jah1 the entire responsibility of our out-of-wedlock epidemic is the fault of “loud-mouth, ratchet Black women that identifies with culture.” But then he thinks I’m special, and I should look under every rock and fight over the 10% of black men who might be compatible with me. And if I don’t do that, well then I’m making him so sad. I’m hurting him. I’m casting off his “royal brown skin and dominant genes” for a “Neanderthal!” Which basically means, “You’re ‘gon throw all this mandingo away for Greg and Liam??”

And then, brother Jah decides to continue with his “loving correction,” in hopes that we can see the Truth on some other forum, not on our turf.

Brenda, Toni and Christyn, Look, I want to bring the Hebrew Israelite identity to you. I want to show you some prophecies that’t matching up in real-time that you may see and understand what’s your true identity. Don’t worry about me, personally. Only be interested in the Truth and Knowledge every sistah a d brotha must know. And you 3 certainly do not know the Truth. You have not awaken. I just want to share the truth with you. Can we dialogue on a different platform, not here???

Actually all in all, “brother Jah” was tame, but his textbook guilt tactics are par for the curse and used to dissuade black women from maximizing their options while at the same time excusing the same behavior by black men. And while I steer waaay clear from cults like the Hebrew Israelites, the rhetoric his used in hopes to manipulate is as old as Moses’ black wife.

To all those like Jah1, people get it through your thick heads that we’re are not a site solely for the purpose of promoting black and white unions just for the sake of getting a white guy…we strive to go beyond that. We believe that certain factors in the black community make it nearly impossible for all marriage-minded black women to find a comparable mate, and thus we encourage black women to cast a wider net and not feel like they are being held hostage by a clingy community who puts the burden of responsibility upon their women, while simultaneously giving them no power or agency. I personally want every black woman who wants it to marry WELL, and I could give a damn if the guy is purple with pink polka dots. My only agenda is that black girls and women know they are deserving of it. That’s why I co-wrote, “SWIRLING,” much to the chagrin of folks like Jah1 here.

To see the full exchange, you can view the full post here.

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