What the Cuss?

Crazy World When a Woman Pregnant by Her Husband is Called a Hoe.

Yes, folks. What’s down is up and what’s up is down the day a woman like Ciara is called a “hoe” for getting pregnant by her HUSBAND, Russell Wilson. Instead of celebrating #blacklove, these folks on the internets being judgey that Ciara got pregnant “too soon” after marrying Wilson. Like…really?!


And of course, the He Man Black Woman Haters Crew had something to say too…

Check the comments too. Before breakfast, of course.

Witnessing the responses from people TRULY PISSED OFF that Ciara was able to climb out of the barrel of crabs, self correct, and find a QUALITY man is just one display of the utter contempt some black men have for black women. They are not allowed to err, and they also must have psychic abilities in order to ALWAYS make good decisions, and if they don’t, you’re to take the “L” stay in your lane, and allow yourself to be degraded and passed around to the next exploitive sociopath–because that’s what you deserve, you ho!

This is a classic Madonna/Whore complex that imposed strict sanctions on black girls and women who don’t remain virginal and make mistakes in relationships like all humans do with a stark difference–once you make ANY mistake, any effort in acquiring a quality life will be met with outright hostility for some who think that we need to “stay in our lanes” and not expect more.

We have to be perfect, while our male counterparts are able to be redeemed, forgiven (again and again and again), given mercy, understanding and compassion for their wrongs.

Normal people observe mess like this like animals in a zoo, shaking their heads and thanking God they don’t have to deal with all the craziness of black communal dysfunction.

Listen to me and Simone 56 chop it up on this and some other WTF-ery happening on the feeds.


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