What the Cuss?

Crunk Feminists Need to SIT DOWN and Leave Issa Rae Alone.

Let it be known, unlike CLUTCH magazine, I am NOT a fan of the Crunk Feminazi Collective. I am, however, a staunchly loyal friend, so CFC messed with the WRONG awkward black girl.

My opinion? They’re largely a bunch of over-ed-u-ma-cated folks who are searching for a cause. They panned No Wedding No Womb, and why? Because among other things, it sounded “mean.” Now they’re nipping at the heels of Issa Rae and “Awkward Black Girl” because the creator used COMEDIC LICENSE, using the words “tranny” and “no lesbo” in their latest episode. I swear to gawd these people need something better to do than nitpick an innovative, young, beautiful woman who has created a hit all by herself, by sheer force of will. I know for a fact–I’ve met the girl. I’ve broken bread with her. Have you, oh, pointy-headed crunks? Me thinks not.

“Oh for the love of sweet jam! what the fuck. Everything is offensive-next. As a female comic I try to tune out any kind of politically correct BS especially from self-righteous feminists collectively or one at a damn time. You can tell when something is said to be hurtful and when it is not and when you can’t I guess you start a blog about it…luckily any PR is good PR.,” says my pal, Jacquetta Szathmari.

Frankly, I think you’ve made a big PR boo-boo, CFC. Issa Rae is beloved by hundreds of thousands, and you? Well…

Now it seems they’ve backtracked a bit with a response to the response. They say they wrote the letter because they care! What bullcrap! What bat guano! You’re doing damage control and you know it. You sniffed up the wrong dog’s arse and it turned around and bit you.

And to just piss you off more, I’m posting the latest epi. Stick that up your collective. By the way, Rae makes fun of EVERYBODY! She uses the words b*tch and n*gga too, and I didn’t read anywhere that you had a problem with her use of those terms. Selective outrage dejour, anyone?

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