What the Cuss?

What the Cuss?! Another Girl Threatened With Expulsion Over Her Natural Hair!

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Geezus, have perms and presses become so pervasive that folks are surprised that black people’s hair grows from it’s roots kinky and curly? Because here again with have ANOTHER school who is threatening a biracial girl with expulsion because she likes to wear her hair the way it grows out of her head. The Natural Hair Movement needs to get behind ALL the protests against mess like this, or I fear many black/biracial women and girls will careen back into the dark ages when perms and presses where the lead order of the day.

Oh. And Florida is just getting weird.

Full story:

A Florida school told a 12-year-old African-American girl that she either does something with her hair or should start looking for a new school, WKMG reported.

Vanessa VanDyke told the station that officials at Faith Christian Academy in Orlando are giving her one week to cut her overgrown hair, which she wears natural, with no styling. If she refuses to cut and shape her hair, the private school, which has rules regarding how students wear their hair, said she is not allowed to attend classes, she told the station.

“I’m depressed about leaving my friends and people that I’ve known for a while, but I’d rather have that than the principals and administrators picking on me and saying that I should change my hair,” VanDyke told the station.

Her mom told the station that she is standing beside her daughter. One of the rules at the school is that hair should not be a distraction to other students. The mother said “a distraction to one person is not a distraction to another.”

According to WKMG, Faith Christian Academy has rules governing student hairstyles. The student handbook reads: “Hair must be a natural color and must not be a distraction,” and goes on to state examples that include, but are not limited to, mohawks, shaved designs and rat tails.

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