Dating Darwinism in the Looming Labor Apocalypse

Only the strongest survive.

We live in a computerized society. Some of you have never known a world in which there were no computers and cell phones. And before computers, there were file clerks who managed rows and rows of wood or metal files. The library used to be the only place you could go to research. Telephone operators used to sit behind a desk and poke one wire into one hole after another. And before that, if you needed to get a message to someone right away, somebody on the horse would have to gallup across towns, plains and mountains to deliver it, rain or shine.

My..times have changed. And they are changing still.

The next big computerized frontier is a revolution that is quietly happening. Now those robots you saw as a novelty in those scientific magazines are a reality, and it will upend lower-skilled jobs that have changed little over the centuries. Before there were taxi drivers and Uber, there were carriage drivers, and before the mass domestication of horses, men used physical strength to carry the the wealthy in what was called a litter. But one thing all those modes of transportation had in common was they were powered by humans. Now self-driving cars are very much a reality and already causing mass panic. Uber and Waymo (a transportation company owned by Google) are currently in litigation in a rush to get their technology out first and dominate what is sure to be a fundamental change in how we get from place to place, and all the people who make a living driving people from place to place.

What do you think is going to happen to the people (mostly male) who depended on this way of life? To get an idea, look at what happened when the manufacturing companies left the United States en masse, and the economic devastation it caused, and how that trickled down to effect the very social fabric of those communities. Families fractured, drugs and crime rose. Hoards of men who were once secure in their place in world, despite their lack higher education. Without their ability to make a living and support their families, many of them made a turn for the worst. You especially see the fallout that continues to reverberate in the black community decades and generations later.

Some of you may ask why I’m tying the economy with good mate selection. This may seem like common sense to most women, but black women have consistently been told that having standards related to education and finances is “gold digging behavior.” We’re told that we must give the blue collar guy a chance, even if we’re neuroscientists. Another reality is that (real) men tie their identity with their ability to provide, protect and produce. Men who feel powerless in that regard often express those emotions through overt acts of frustration in their communities and the people close to them. Men frustrated with life generally don’t make good romantic partners, n’est-ce pas?

Couple the rise of robotics with the very real possibility the the current administration is set to cut major funding for social support programs like welfare, and women–especially black women, who are the most vulnerable to such fundamental changes–need to be VERY selective about their dating and mating choices, and if you’re looking to survive it all and perhaps THRIVE then you’re going to have to use more than good looks and the a talent for “laying pipe” to be your main reason for giving a man you body, heart, and time. In short, if you want to WIN, you’re going to have to impose a little “Dating Darwinism.”

If you don’t have any idea how to impose a little Dating Darwinism in your own life, have no fear. We’re about to release a series on both this blog and our You Tube channel. We’re going to discuss the CHARACTERISTICS  of men who have the wherewithal to be true partners.

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