Day One of Band Camp WTI: A Diary

Welp we made it to Band Camp without the Instruments (henseforth named BCWTI). It took 2.5 hours AFTER a five-hour flight, but it was pretty scenic. I sat with the baby in the back seat like Ms. Daisy. I saw so much green it would have put a leprechaun to shame. I was raised in the desert, so trees that grow like tumbleweeds without any special treatment or interventions–sprinklers, fertilizer, occasional B-12 shots–is fascinating to me.

The baby, on the other hand, was not as excited as I was about the drive. She HATES extended time in the car seat, so I had to smuggle her out of it to breastfeed her whilst covering her with a blanket for fear of The Fuzz. She moved around so much under there it reminded me of that Tom & Jerry episode when Jerry (the mouse) rescued a bag of newborn kittens from drowning in a lake.

She drank some, but she mainly just wanted to play. Zurberts and light nipple biting is where I draw the line, so back in the car seat she went.

But…Emmma tends to pass gas when she’s upset, so let’s just say everyone in the car knew how FARTING MAD she was that I put her back. But amateur comedian that I am, I managed to make her laugh despite herself. She cry/laughs when I do this. I like to call this maniacal sound the ‘craff.’ So hubby advised me to make her craff just little bit longer. We only had 30 more miles to go. Sigh.

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