Dear Black People, Can We Support More Songs Like This?!

Okay I’m loving Pharrel right now. He killed it at the Oscars last night, and I loved how Lupita jumped in to get her grove on!

Yes; Pharrel looks like the love child of Smokey the Bear and the Lucky Charms leprechaun, but even with that he’s still cute. He also seems to be a genuine nice guy. But what I’m loving the most about him is that he created a song about just being happy. No half-naked models. No references to big-bootied red bones. No references to shooting anyone. Just positive. And you know what the positivity got him? A number one hit on the Billboard charts–his first ever as a solo artist. Now I know some of you were mad that Pharrel didn’t have any black women on the cover of his album, but so what? I’m sorry, but as the publisher of a site about interracial relationships and finding love beyond black men, I’m not going to concern myself about whether or not a black performer puts a chick that looks like me on the cover. Take a look at the official video, now exceeding more than 88 million views, and you’ll see plenty of black women represented of all shapes, sizes and ages.

And can we please stop with that bull about white people only wanting to listen to thug-love songs? Because it’s white people that helped catapult this song to the top.

Come on. Just be happy.

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