Despite “Scandal” and HTGAWM, We’re Still Fighting Against the “Mammy” Trope

It’s 11 days until Halloween, so invariably there’s a few horror flicks playing at the theaters. Maxi Me knows I love horrors, so she suggested she and I go see “Annabelle,” a story about an ugly-ass doll possessed by a crazy woman.


At first I just thought this was going to one of those ridiculous “Chucky” like movies, but was pleasantly surprised that it had a decent story and some really scream-able moments.


The issue I have with this story is that the benevolent savior of the couples’ baby, who’s soul is in danger of the devil’s taking, is a self-sacrificing “martyr-mammy,” Evelyn, who lost her own daughter in a car accident and committed a failed suicide. During her suicide attempt, the woman says that the daughter told her, “It’s not your time to go. You still have a purpose,” or something to that effect.

“Evelyn” comes to the Barbie and Ken lookalike couples’ rescue by taking the mother’s place in sacrificing her life to bring back the baby.


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