Up for Discussion: “Are White Men the New Black?”

Oh…this post is gonna make some GAT-DL folks mad. But since when did that EVER stop us?


My dearest Kola Boof tagged me in one of the many DeBlasio victory posts, and I read a comment from one of her friends that I just had to cut and paste so we can put up for discussion. It pretty much encapsulates everything we’ve been talking about here since 2010:

Overburdened single mothers who raise their daughters and spoil their sons, absent fathers and a misogynist, color struck peer group all contributed to this perfect storm. Black men who put their own desires above the needs of women, children, and community. No wonder a growing number of black women are pondering what was once unthinkable. “Are white men the new black?”

Now THAT’S a question. Let’s discuss.


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