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Do All Men Want to Protect ‘Their’ Women from Other Men?

I was on another blog and one of the blog proprietors, a woman born to a white mother and black father, made the following comment regarding her father’s feelings towards her husband:

Yes, that’s how my father sees it, as well. It’s a political thing. He likes my husband, but he wasn’t so keen on my marrying a white man. Now he’s got two white grandkids.

To which I replied:

This is so common as to be predictable. On one hand the black man has no problem sleeping with the white man’s daughter’s while at the same time he eyes the white man with suspicion.

Then, a black women with a black husband replied to my reply with the following:

This is by no means isolated to black men, Jamila. I have seen evidence that this is simply the way men are wired. They all (black, white, other) will sleep with whatever kind of woman they find sexually appealing but want their own women to contribute to their genetic legacy.

Save the BWE spiel for that corner of the web. For those unfamiliar, Jamila hates black men, LOL

You knew I wasn’t going to let that stand without repudiation, right?

Nevermind the fact that I don’t hate black men, the real issue I have with this black woman’s statement is that I have never seen nor heard an interracially married white man say that he has problems with his daughter marrying a black or other non-white man. However, I have seen and heard many a black man married to a white women complain about how he wouldn’t want any of his daughters dating a white man.

I know that all men want to hoard their access to women, meaning that they want access to a particular group of women while also wanting to have access to other women. At the same time, these men want to restrict the access of other men to their women. Kinda like ” I want to graze in my field and your field, but I only want you to graze in your field.” This sort of set-up was common during slavery where white men took liberty to have sex with both black and white women, but did not want black men having sex/marrying white women.

But we aren’t talking about just having sex anymore. We are talking about marriage. Why, today, are black men who are married to white women still trying to restrict the access of their daughters to white men?

Do white men who marry non-white women want their daughters to avoid men who are from the same ethnic background as their wife? Perhaps this is occuring more often than I’m aware.

Enlighten me.

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