Don’t You Just Love it When Racists Slip? Fox News Guest, Bob Beckel Equates ‘Intercultural Dating’ with Radical Islam

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Someone sent me this link and I thought it was a joke.

I mean, in this day and age, when interracial and intercultural relationships are at the highest approval of all time, some dusty old racist comes out to talk about how, “In his day, you didn’t see the mixing of the races.” It’s almost like seeing a live museum exhibit.

But here it is, live proof that some of the ancients just cannot fathom the “mixing of the races.”

Here’s what Bob Beckel, 66, excreted from his mouth during a live discussion:

“It’s been the left, frankly, in Europe that have been willing to stand up and say something. The conservatives turned their tail and run. But, having said that, have you noticed that poll in France that young people were much more predisposed toward radical Islam than older people? I think it’s sort of like in the United States where younger people today, it’s not at all unusual for people to see multicultural dating, for example. Back when I was young you didn’t date out of your own ethnicity. But in Europe and other places, this mingling that’s going on here, younger people are beginning to find this acceptable. And that’s the thing that is sort of scary because they’re getting exposed to it on a daily basis.”

See for yourself.

Do you see the looks on the host’s faces? AHAHAHHA! You know they’re thinking, “WTF did this idiot just say? Somebody stick a pork chop in his mouth before he does anymore damage!” 

And this is the problem that I have with fully embracing the Republicans. Their little corner of racists are barely kept at bay. It’s like hiding Doberman Pinschers in the closet when you have guests with dog phobias, and pretending not to hear them barking and foaming at the mouth.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that Beckel considers himself a “liberal democrat.” Oh lordt. If he’s a liberal, we’re all doomed. For the record, I neither subscribe to Republican or Democrat. I’ve been critical of both parties in my previous writings. 

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