(Early) Friday Funny: Truth to the Notion that Not All Rainbow Men are the BW’s Panacea

Now we KNOW why Mel had that gun thisclose to Danny!

As this website gains popularity, my detractors have accused me of elevating other races over black men. I offer this post as PROOF to the contrary!

Oh Lawd. Mel Gibson has misplaced his mind... AGAIN. He needs to find it quickly. I’d like to help. I’m not completely certain where it might be, but his anus might be a good place to start.

Apparently, he is in real fear that his former lover and baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, will be raped by a pack of negroes. Okay…he didn’t say it quite that nice, but this blog is (mostly) PG-13.

It’s a shame too, because I liked me some Mel back in the day. Who knew he was a raving, closeted Klu Klux Klan cartoon? Has he been hiding that cone head hat underneath all that hair? Up his ass maybe? Maybe he just has a tattoo on his man parts that says, “White’s Only,” or “Coloreds go to the back.”

Boy. As a former public relations person myself, I can only imagine how hard his publicist had to work to keep that crap about his personality under wraps:

Publicist: Mel, you simply can’t call Danny G. a gorilla.

Mel: Yes I can.

Publicist: No you can’t.

Mel: Yes I can, yes I can, yes I caaaaaaaaannnn!!!

Tsk, tsk. Mel seems to have a distaste for Jews AND Negroes. Will he even try to talk his way out of this one? I know we’re in the age of, doing something bad/evil and then saying you’re sorry, but….what the heck will be his comeback this time?

Maybe he could say something like this: “The recording is muffled! It’s a trick! What I said was, I thought she might be raped by a pack of chiggers!”(damned chiggers!) AND THEN, he could parade the two black friends who wash his car out in front of the media to testify that Mel is really and nice guy– after he pays off their mortgages and fronts the bill for all their kids to attend Ivy League schools. After a little hand-greasing, they might say,” he just…gets a little nutty sometimes, you know, when he’s off his meds.” Speaking of meds, maybe he could go into rehab like all the other celebrity losers do. Is there such thing as anti-semetic/anti-racist rehab? Is it anything like those places that try to make gay people straight?

Just a thought.

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