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Pepsi and Bounce Need to Bounce! (EXCLUSIVE Interview with Political Commentator, Sophia A. Nelson)

Take a look at this woman:

She kind of reminds me of the 2011 version of this woman:

Just a little bit of history repeating, or in this case, never really leaving the American psyche. But what is predictable but no less infuriating is that BLACK MEN are AGAIN sitting silent (or snickering) about this and doing absolutely, positively NO-THANG to move to our defense. Jesse and Al, you just keep letting me down. You’re fired.

We as black women need to stand as a collective and protect one another, as it appears our male counterparts are completely disinterested in doing so. We need more classy women like Rep. Jackson to stand up and cry foul:

Update: I spoke with Sophia this morning. Here’s what she has to say:

Sophia comment to Pepsi bounce by Christelyn

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