End Racial Descriptions in Crime Alerts – What the Cuss?


(credit: CBS)


There has been a recent uproar at the University of Minnesota because a black student was misidentified as a burglary suspect.  This is alleged because the student was black.  Well it most likely is true that he was misidentified because he was black.  What is up with that?  We all don’t look alike.  But when looking for a crime suspect, we do all look alike.  When a person has committed a crime, you have to give a description of the person including RACE!  As a former Magistrate I can speak for some in law enforcement (including black male police officers).  How else will one really know for whom to look without the best description necessary?
If race was not reported, an awful lot of criminals would go free.  Now the groups demanding this are all black or African American groups.  And when a black male gets his feelings hurt or is questioned by police the incident is blown into epic proportions.  Common sense must rule and as much information a victim can give including race will help in his or her apprehension.  Will some abuse this yes?  But does that negate the need for descriptions?  No!  Again, you have to know and describe who you are looking for (if the victim knows).  A description of clothing is good, but not enough.  I have been profiled and it is no fun but I am all for a minor inconvenience (unless abuse) when it will protect the safety of the public, this includes me and my family.
I will be glad when white people stop with the undue guilt and allowing themselves to be held hostage by this type mentality and get on with the business of living their lives.  Notice I said unless abusive.  I don’t excuse bad behavior.  I know there are bad/racist cops who will abuse this and there is no excuse for that, and it should be dealt with in the way of charges and civil suits.  But again, how will you know who you are looking for if you don’t have a racial description?  I hate when all blacks get blamed for everything just as much as the next person but if you fit a description, you may be asked for identification, pulled over or even harassed.  Most of the time it is minor inconvenience but the exceptions are being made the rule.  Some profiling is necessary and has saved lives.
I don’t think the university will comply because it is plain ridiculous.  But then again they already have a zero tolerance no racial profiling policy in place.  A female student at the university was recently assaulted and the news did not report the race of the suspect.  It is problematic for people on the lookout as they don’t know who they are looking for other than clothing.  Is it just me or is this really ridiculous?  Now what I would really like to know is where is all this outrage when a black woman is missing, assaulted, raped, maimed or killed in our communities?  Who is looking out for black womens’ interests and protection?  Yeah, I thought so.
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