Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know

How to Be a Pro at Eyeliner!

Whether you want to create a basic wing eye or dramatize it the heavens with eyeliner, here are 10 useful  tips that will make doing it very easy and versatile! I also give you some hacks if you are pinched for time or if you have a little more time on your hands! These tips are perfect for beginners and experts alike!

eyeliner tips and tricks

You’ll become a pro in no time!

  1. Don’t squint when doing liner instead hold a mirror downward and look into it
  2. Use a dampened liner brush to intensify powder products
  3. Use a concealer and a precision brush to clean up any mistakes
  4. Or use lip gloss to clean it up!
  5. If your winged liner isn’t perfect smudge it subtly for a soft cat eye effect
  6. Once you get the perfect cat eye, use translucent powder to reduce smudge to crease
  7. Make eyeshadow more pigmented with a jumbo white  pencil across the lid
  8. Line your eyes first with a pencil liner and then go in with a liquid liner this will help in make a nice cat eye
  9. Use a white or nude eyeliner to highlight the brow bone
  10. Make your own gel eyeliner by using a lighter and holding it for a few seconds
  11.  Fix smudges with a nude color or flesh color eyeliner
  12. To prevent an eyeliner from crumbling, freeze it for a 10 minutes before applying
  13. Use a spoon to create the perfect cat eye
  14. If you have monolids create the perfect line by drawing a thick arch and then wing it out
  15. Set eyeliner from running with black eyeshadow

Have you tried any of these tricks? Do you consider yourself to be a wiz at the cat eye!

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