Dating & Marrying Ethnic Men

Facebook HOTTIE Alert: An eye feast…and he’s…

available. He reached out to me to be friends today and I was like, whoa. Although this guy is originally from Barcelona, Spain, he’s an ANTONIO. And since I can’t have him, I thought I’d share.


Here’s a little about him when he told me about himself on Facebook:

well im spanish but never really grew up in spain been moving around..I can speak spanish,a bit of french and english..Had stayed in the states for 10 yrs but im currently in south africa. Have a business here with a friend.. We deal with the gold mines..
I like to make friends and during my free time i like to spend it with my family and friends..

I love black women,they are really beautiful,kind hearted and know how to care for their men.. I’m hoping to find a woman to marry soon,seeing as Im not gettin any younger.. If you wanna know more about me feel free to ask.. Btw, you are a beautiful woman,your husband is lucky.

On your mark… get set…go (Joaquin’s FB page).

Okay okay. By popular demand, here is Joaquin’s mug:

***DISCLAIMER: I have NEVER met Antonio I mean, Joaquin. I can only go off what information he discloses on FB. So if he turns out to be a serial killer, don’t come back to me crying if he knocks you off.****

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