Fashion: How I’m Gonna Get Through a Month of Buns and Look Fierce Doing It!

Inspired by the hustle-ish-ous-ness of KimmayTube, I am going to wear my boring grandma’s auntie-bun with a new-found flair. While on half-day hookey with the kids earlier this week, I stumbled on to a store that sells really pretty, but really annoying instruments carved from wood. While my kids looked (and touched!!) with interest, and The Babster managing to break a mirror (yeah; seven years, blah blah blah) I only shuddered. I was about to cut and run, but then I saw the something that made the girlie-girl in my sing.

Take a good look, Brenda55, these will be yours, because you are so awesome, and I love you so very much. (email me your shipping deets!)

The ear rings are from local San Diego jewelry artists, Green Tree Jewelry. The pieces are made from renewable and recyclable wooden materials. While ornate, they are super light-weight, so there’s no real worry about wearing stuff on your ears that might split your earlobes.

They also come in different colors…

There’s almost too many styles and colors to choose from, so it’s best to just get one of each. All of the pieces are $14.95. While not super cheap, they’re not priced super crazy, and it’s nice to have some pieces that aren’t readily available and mass produced for Claire’s Boutique.


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