Fashion: Spring, with a Touch of Bollywood.

This skirt is a little girl’s dream.

It’s called the Bohemian Gypsy Skirt, cuz it’s got a little bit of gypsy and a ‘lil bit ‘o Bombay. The colors are brilliant, with real jewels sewn in that tinkle and jingle when you walk. Rock a peasant blouse, your natural hair and some J-Lo hoops and you will NOT walk down the street unnoticed. I know I don’t get out much, but I have not seen the sidewalks saturated with this look…yet.

Yes; tie-die skirts aren’t new. But tie-die skirts with jewelry sewn in that wiggles and jiggles? Make a statement without saying a word, chile.



(that’s a below-the-knee skirt, but the one is the slideshow obviously flows to the floor)

PLUS: It’s one size fit all [make that most], and the skirts are priced hella right at around $22.99. Twenty three dollars. Uh huh.

MINUS: Don’t even TRY to wash it. Just…don’t. Know a good dry cleaner.

More from the boilerplate:
Made of 100% cotton and rayon fabrics and available in over 100 colors, the various skirt designs come in solids, and also boast sequences, peacock feathers and intricate hand embroidery. Showcasing a traditional Indian style, the fun, colorful styles are handmade in India. The solid skirt styles are available with lining and the drawstring waist provides one-size-fits-all comfort.

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