Five Protective Styles For Medium Length Hair to Preserve Moisture and Length

While I love my ‘fro, my last visit to Supercuts forced me to reevaluate how often I’m exposing my ends–the oldest and most vulnerable part of my hair to breakage and split ends. Today in Temecula it was 100 degrees and so dry it felt like we were living in a blow dryer. Yet when I undid my hair it still felt fluffy and soft because the leave-in moisturizers and conditioner didn’t thoroughly evaporated. Once you get over the short ‘fro and awkward, can’t-get-it-in-a-ponytail stage, there’s a lot you can do in terms of style choices.



Low bun with headband and mini bun inserts.

View from the front:


Low bun, created by loose ponytail and scooping the hair upward and pinning it.



Greek goddess twists



Hi buns, one with bangs pinned up and back and the other with twisted ringlets




Hair pieces like this afro puff. I put my bun in my hair and cover it with this hair piece. It holds moisture in like nobody’s business! I also like this piece because wearing an entire wig during the heat of summer is simply out of the question.


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