Five Reasons Black Women Should Take Up Longboarding

Way back in my college years, I wanted to get around campus without having to walk everywhere. So, I went to my local beach supplies shop and bought a Sector 9 27.5” longboard that I still use to this day. Little did I know that little purchase would lead me to a hobby I still enjoy. If you’ve ever considered getting a hobby that was “a little out there’, and cheap to get into, why not give longboarding a try? Here’s a couple reasons why:


It’s fun

Longboarding down a hill with the wind in your face is an exhilarating feeling, and is the closest you can get to flying. Jamming along to your favorite tunes is even more fun as you twist and turn on a smooth bit of pavement.

Alternate transport

If you don’t have very far to go, or rely on public transportation, a longboard is a trusty way to get around. It’s cheap, fuel efficient, and portable. Since you have to carry your board around with you, it’s a lot less likely to be stolen, compared to a bicycle. Plus, maintenance isn’t all that hard – a fresh set of ball bearings every so often and a good wipe down will keep your ride in good shape.

Great exercise

Boarding is a great workout. Keeping your balance while in motion works your core, and kicking and balancing works your legs. It’s a great way to get some cardio in before or after a long day’s work.

Improves your balance and reflexes

If you are a klutz (like me!) learning to longboard will definitely help. Since you’re constantly in motion, you have to put a lot of focus into not falling, and if you do fall, you fall the “right” way (to minimize injuries).

It looks wicked cool

You can’t deny how rad a lady on a skateboard looks. I would always get stares back in the day, since a black woman on a skateboard was (and still is) quite the rarity. Even though I couldn’t do tricks, I still had a great time with my fellow skater girls and made some great friends I’m still in contact with today.


Those are just some of the reasons why longboarding is a great hobby. Do you skate? Be sure to sound off in the comments below!

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