Friday Funny: “Awkward Black Girl” Needs Us or We’ll Never Know If J Will Hook Up with Jay!

You all know how much I’m a fan of soap operas. I love the constant drama, the build-up, then the dénouement, only for some dead person to reappear covered in dirt and worms ready to resume their lives.

It’s dramatic, but hardly ever funny.

Awkward Black Girl is FUNNY! But…they’re in BIG financial trouble. If you don’t donate this COULD be the last you see of J and Jay, and then you’ll just have to imagine how everything turns out. No dénouement, no wormy, resurrected dead girlfriend to throw a kink in things, this will be it.

Aren’t you tired of seeing black women look like idiots on television? Here’s a girl–whom I suspect is a lot look the women who read this blog– quirky, funny, a little unsure of herself, rocks her hair natural and is beautifully brown skinned. So I’m gonna do what the preacher-pimps used to do at the evening services my parents would sometimes drag me too. I will propose an offering. Jesus wants you to give to Awkward Black Girl. The LAAAAWWWWWDDDD is giving me a message…it’s a little foggy….but it’s coming through…He says if you GIIIIIIVE you’ll win the lottery next week.

So go do the LAWD’S business.

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