Gender Conflict

Friday Funny: Bitter Black Women Worried Kim Kardashian is Stealing All the Good Kneegrows!

I don’t care how stacked she is, she’s a hot ghetto mess. You know what’s crazy, but not surprising? This walking, talking Jezebel/Sassy gets the play on “H8R” the new CW show hosted by this Latin hunk of HAWTNESS:

Adios Mio!

This woman sets BWE back like, 12,000 years.

Apparently she is also seen on the show turning down a nice rainbeau so she can hold out for the “good black man” who probably won’t come, because as pretty as you are, no man, I don’t care WHAT color he is, will want to use that tongue of your for anything much more than the obvious.

Good looking out, Kia!

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