Gender Conflict

Friday Funny: Dr. Drew’s Pink Shirt Dude and Black Women’s Guilt

I’m kinda late, but there’s still nine minutes left until Saturday, East Coast time.

But on a serious note, why did the female guest-slash-wanna be actress-slash-You Tube flash in the pan feel the absolute need to drop her prepared schpiel to apologize to this DBR on behalf of all black women? Of all the cartoon coonery, that part–or at least the demonstration of that part–is a very real burden black women have. And the turd’s response…to hug her, then attempt to humiliate her sexually is also a very common response to this misplaced contrition.

I’m am SO SICK of this pre/post Civil Rights new black woman subjugation to black men because they “need” us to uplift and support them because they’re so angry, we just need to shut up and spread our legs and give them some.

This displaced responsibility is the cornerstone to black women guilt and all the wringing of the hands about “the precious.” On a positive note, I love how my buddy Paul Carrick Brunson stepped in the middle and I think he would have drop kicked that dude if it became necessary, but he’s GOT to know men like him are in microscopic supply. We’ve got more pink shirt dudes and Paul Carrick Brunsons.

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