Friday Funny: FINALLY! An Explanation to Why I Always Have that College Dream!

It’s such a relief to know that I’m not the only one who has that college nightmare, the one where you forget to go to a class all semester and you won’t graduate, or the university calls you five years later saying that there was some mistake and they’re revoking your diploma. Slacker that I am, graduating college with honors was the single most important professional accomplishment of my life. It was the first major thing in my life that I’d started and finished to the end. So that nightmare gives me cold sweats and the shivers.

So since a bunch of you have this same nightmare, it got me motivated to find out just what the cuss it meant. So I went to the most credible source for dream interpretations: Yahoo! Answers. No, no! please, enough! Your effusive gratitude is embarrassing me.

One guy pulled no punches. He said,” It’s probably a guilt trip for cheating or something.”

Meh. If you count that time I used pompous verbiosity to bullcrap my way through the midterm essay in Philosophy, I guess you could say that could be true. But is that really cheating? It’s not like used my super cosmic powers to channel Socrates, who gave me all the right things to say. Sometimes common sense is the best philosophy of them all.

Another one that actually jibed with me:

Most Common Meaning: This dream often accompanies a rite-of-passage in waking life. The person who gets a promotion, takes on greater responsibility or begins to gain peer recognition for achievements or contributions is quite prone to this theme. Many of us are assailed with a sense of fraudulence when others begin to acknowledge our efforts, regardless of how deserving we may be. This dream seems to exaggerate and make ridiculous the subjective sense many have of being “unqualified” to “take credit” for our accomplishments.

Now that makes sense. Basically I feel unworthy. I think one way to fight off this dream is to sleep with my college diploma under my pillow.

There. I just saved $30 on your psych co-pay. You’re welcome.



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