Friday Funny: I Need One of These!

I can’t believe this is real. But upon THOROUGH examination, this is my kinda company.

With all the balls I have up in the air, I need about eight of these. Just call me octo-mom.

Today, 30 Watt announced the return of the genuine prank gift box with the launch of the iArm. The iArm is the world’s ultimate forearm mount that gives you, well, an extra arm. It attaches to tablet PCs, eReaders, cell phones, dinnerware and more. Just 4.5 lbs. and fully adjustable, the iArm lets you take your favorite gadget with you, and with the optional “multi-mount,” you can secure up to three items at once. The only problem is that the iArm is a fake product, depicted on a Prank Pack, the worldwide leader in prank gift boxes.

Prank PacksTM are gift boxes that look like the most ridiculous products imaginable. The gift giver places a real gift inside the Prank PackTM. The hapless gift recipient is forced to wonder why the giver would buy such a strange and awful gift. Sometimes, the recipient looks confused. Other times, they just lie and say that it’s great. Eventually, they open the box, notice the bright yellow flaps that include “Prank You!” and realize that it was all a joke.

“We understand that most gift boxes are boring and that gift bags are just plain blase” said Arik Nordby, creative director at 30 Watt. “Therefore, we decided to create a new line of Prank Packs in 2010.” Previously, Mr. Nordby teamed with The Onion and designed the first ever fake gift box line.

30 Watt will unveil new Prank Packs from the 2010 collection in the coming weeks.

About 30 Watt

30 Watt makes funny products and was started by former staff members of The Onion. The company uses a proprietary, patented analytical methodology to identify products that make people laugh. These findings have led to the launch of the Prank PackTM, Party Pleas Pints and the only golf brand for the average-to bad golfer, BogeyProTM Golf. 30 Watt also works with Someecards and Cancer for College on Will Ferrell’s sunscreen line. 30 Watt’s products can be found online at,, as well as in retailers around the country.

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