Friday Funny: Jokes’ On You!

After this week’s clustercuss, ya’ll got me beat. I can’t hardly think of anything funny for Funny Friday. So maybe it’s time you GIVE ME something, you know? I’m only human! I’m not your superwoman! I’m only one person! Don’t you even CARE how I feel? Come back here! Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to yoooooooooou!!!!

Okay; I feel better now.

Somebody just told me this joke, and I thought it was funny:

Wife says, “You never take me to any place expensive anymore!”

Husband says, “Get dressed, we’re going out.”

Wife is delighted, clapping her hands with glee. She says, “Where we going?”

Husband says, “To the gas station.”

HA! Now it’s your turn. Make me laugh. Dance, Froggy, DAAAANNNNCE!!!!

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