Friday Funny: “Our Hair Can’t Do That!”

It’s interesting (in a mad scientist sort of way) how many hairstyles we brown girls think up–whether natural, permed, weaved up or pressed and curled, fried and dyed–and what our textures have the capability to do. I mean, I’m in AWE every time I go on You Tube and find some new how-to video on 1,252,982.5 ways to wear a twist-out.

So when Maxi-Me (that’s the 13-year-old who has THE NERVE to be taller than me) wanted to try something new with her hair after digging in my new stash of Shea Moisture products, I first told her she better go somewhere else with that, because usually when she says she wants to try something new with her hair, I’m the one who ends up doing all the work.

Forget that–I got a book to write.

So I suggested she go on You Tube and learn how to do her own Bantu knots so she could have a nice, wavy style for school the next day. We looked it up together, and she balked, and then laughed at the women with “the head full of mini donuts,” as she called them. But then when she looked at the finished product, she got busy donut-ing.

She’s a quick study:





The next day, she was the belle of the junior high-school ball. She was so inspired, she wanted to try it out on the babster. I hesitated at that thought, picturing the little pink piggy being forced to watch True Jackson, VP or even worse, Wow Wow Wubsy while her big sister made micro-donuts. I kept trying to tell her that the baby’s hair is, uh, a little different from her’s. “Emma’s hair can’t do that,” I told her.

WELL! She showed me:

No; that is not me kissing the babster. That is Maxi-Me.

Emma seemed a little concerned that the Bantus may just make her hair look like…it does….in the first place.

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Come back this weekend to see the new Goddess of the Week and Hottie of the Week.

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