Friday Funny: Things Scarier Than Having a Black Wife…

A Twitter buddy of mine sent me this steaming pile of hot garbage…

Too bad. I actually thought that “bitch” skip was hilarious. But then he just had to ruin it for me at the end when he said, “There’s nothing scarier than a black wife.”

You know, I feel sorry for him. He’s obviously hasn’t gotten out much. So I think it’s our duty to tell him a few things that are, indeed, scarier than a black wife. I’ll start the list, then you keep it coming. The more snark, the better, but let’s leave race out it and show him how unnecessary it is to throw black women under the bus just for laughs.

Things “Scarier Than a Black Wife”

Eye herpes
“Honey Boo Boo”
That movie, “Anaconda”
Tammy Fae Baker (God rest her soul)
Childbirth with no drugs
Being married to D.L. Hugley
Being Lil Reese’s baby momma
Being Lil Reese’s baby
Being Lil Reese’s mom
Having Russell Simmons volunteer on a domestic violence hotline
Finding out R. Kelly teaches in your daughter’s home economics class
Finding out you only have 999 pieces to that 1,000-piece puzzle you’ve been working on for the past six months
Dog farts
Vanilla Ice making a come back
Discovering Michael Vick acquired a pet store franchise
George W. Bush as the ambassador to Pakistan
A Mitt Romney presidency
The Catholic church heading Planned Parenthood
Being one of the boys mentored by Eddie Long
Being Creflo Dollar’s daugher (the one that he body slammed)
Picturing Brad Pitt at 80 years old
Kim Kardashian’s coochie

Okay, just for laughs, let’s hear what you think is scarier than having a black wife.

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