Friday Funny: Some of my BEST FRIENDS shop at Wal*mart

I think Wal*Mart shoppers get a bad rap. I mean, in this economy and the Christmas season fast approaching, we all need to cut back a little, right? I mean, we all gotta eat. And have big screen TEE VEES. And Wii. AND just admit it: some of these folks you’ve seen in Wally World look familiar to you, so stop being so snobby.

Like, who DOESN’T have a “Cousin It?” Can she REALLY help it if she can’t find a decent stylist?

Or how about your friend “LaWanda” who just lost all that weight and wanted to show off her new body? I mean, who are we to judge? I personally LIKE her stockings.

You know, sexy is a not just a look, it’s a state of mind:

AND! He who had NOT said this at SOME POINT in their lives (probably in college) let him cast the first stone:

I don’t know about you, but yes; there have been times that I have ABSOLUTELY HATED the outfit I had on, and couldn’t put on a new one fast enough, just like this guy…

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