Friday Funny: (Sorta) Ugly, Sexy, and BOINK-able!

It’s that time again, ladies we all love this game, so it’s back by popular demand. With a twist. You know those guys that might not make the aesthetic cut, but that just have that little something that you know that if the stars were aligned, he could get it? I’ve obviously given A LOT of thought to this and here’s my list of (sorta) ugly, sexy, but boink-able.

Gerard Butler

Did you see him in Law Abiding Citizen? Dude has a crooked mouth and isn’t a pretty boy AT ALL. But he has that rugged appeal that has me praying that I’m never, EVER alone with him in a 5-star hotel in the Bahamas.

Andre 3000

Ever since “Hey Ya” I’ve crushed on this pressed ghetto mess. He’s got a nice smile and looks nice with his shirt off. He’d be the guy I’d have to meet wearing dark sunglasses and a long black raincoat with the collars turned up.

Adrien Brody

This guy is BEAUT-I-FUL UGLY! The nose makes him both sexy and not pretty, he’s skinny, too. But he’s soulful and passionate. So he makes the list.

Okay; your turn. Who’s ugly/sexy on your boink list?

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