Friday Funny: What is it About Kitten Videos?!

I am allergic to cats, AND baby kittens, as cute as they may be.

I wish I weren’t because frankly, I’m sick of the kids asking for a dog. I’d rather have a cat, because you don’t have to walk them and they know how to hunt for their own food, so that means I wouldn’t have to make any extra trips to Petco, aside from the ones to buy $35-worth of bedding, food and alfalfa for Gabby the guinea pig, and “Fish,” the nameless fish. I can admire an independent pet.


Cat + guinea pig + fish = No more trips to Petco.

Who’s giving away free kittens?

And, I’m not sure if this is abuse, is there a number for Kitty Protective Services?

And this one reminds me of how close we humans are to the animals.

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