Friday Funny: “Who Would You BOINK?!” Part Deux!

Fantasies are a beautiful thing, aren’t they? In my mind I could slut-walk all over Brad Pitt and Dwayne Johnson’s bedroom, get out a vibrator, then POOF! Back to work. Who are you to judge? It’s better than smoking.

With the wave of new summer movies and TEE VEE shows at high tide, I believe there’s such a thing as Christmas in July.

Since dabbing into True Blood, just to see what all the hullabaloo was about, I discovered why some of you like these blood-suckers.

Joe Manganiello


After him, I’d run over to this guy’s house and make him to a strip-tease in front of me like he did with Barbara Walters. If she gets it, I’m entitled to one too. Fair’s fair!

Hugh Jackman, you stink of sex and responsibility.

I’d probably be breaking some laws, but…



Can we just do it and I can blame it on "The Hangover I & II?"


I don't know what band you play for, Gavin Rossdale, but I'd be your groupie.

Mario, you've come a long way since "Saved by the Bell." You can still ring mine, though.

Okay ladies, start the fire works early. Tell me who, and tell me why!!

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