Full of Hot Air

Yesterday I and the hubby woke up to whoooosh! hoooooo! whooosh! It kind of sounded like Darth Vader doing long, yogic breaths–you know– if he did that sort of thing.

Hot air balloons. At 6:43 AM. The people in the balloon baskets were so close that we could hear one of them yell to a fellow passenger, “Heh? What’d you say?” I find that ironic somehow…don’t you?

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen hot air balloons out of your bedroom window, but let me tell you, it’s a sight. So I kicked Michael out of the bed and made him take pictures of the balloons in his boxers. I’m sure the passengers in the sky had a good chuckle at the pink pigs with sunglasses printed on them.

Here are the highlights:


finally, is it delivery, or DiGiorno?

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