Funny Friday: Congratulations…or Hateration??

First, let me say that I LURVES getting ya’lls emails at [email protected], and I must brag on the fact that I’m pretty good at responding to everyone who writes, except for people who reach out to me and CLEARLY have no idea what this site is about, like this young (well, I’m assuming she’s young, but…what do I know?) lady who asked:

I run a website specifically for African Americans to use for online
dating called bestblackdatingsites. It has become a passion
project of mine within the black community and I’d like to submit my website
for inclusion in the resource section of your site.

I created as a fun way for African American singles to explore the online dating scene and have fun while doing it. Please take a look at the page and help me spread the word about my site by posting a link. I am hoping that after you take a look, you’ll think its a valuable help more African Americans enjoy the fun of online dating.

Ohhhhkaaayy. I haven’t responded to her, because I really didn’t know what to say without sounding rude. But hey, I’ll never begrudge a sistah in her hustle, so…there, now you know about Best Black Dating, and I can sleep at night knowing I did my part to support Black Love.

And then there’s the other folks who write in and say, “I know a lot of people don’t like you, but I DO!!” folks, and I’m like, thanks? Tell me, what is the point of reminding me that some folks out yonder just wish I would die already? That’s like an Orthodox Jew going to a Gift of the Magi church play, standing up in the middle of the audience and yelling, “We like Hanukkah better, but this is a really cute unicorn story!”

I mean, what would be the point of that?

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