Funny Friday: The PERFECT Gift for Your Inner Narcissist

As I always say, cloning is more art than science, but sculpteo came up with a BRILLIANT idea that’s not quite cloning, but darned close: 3-D micro-yous. Send them your frontal and profile picture like I did, and for a meager fee, you’ll be mailed a minature version of yourself.

Since I’ve gotten mine, I’ve been able to use this micro-me, (I’ve named her Christel-ima) to catch up on things that I’ve sort of let go by the wayside, like the laundry:

or getting the garden ready for planting season…

Brushing up on my sewing…

Spending quality time with the hubster…

and reading more to the kids.

Yes; I know it’s not perfect, they have some bugs to work out, but I think it’s a good start.

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