While Gabrielle Union Cries in Her Soup, Eve Celebrates Her Engagement, But Will There Soon Be News of Random Babies?!

Well the internet has been abuzz on the announcement that on the heels of her engagement to Dwanye Wade, we learn that he spawned a child with some random woman while on “a break” from Gabby. But I guess all will be forgiven and she’ll move on to marry her KANG because it’s all about the struggle, isn’t it? Girl, be down for your man! Hold it down! Enduuuuuuuuuuuure!! Chile…she waited until she was 41 for that man!!!

What’s happening to Union is a humiliating disgrace. How could that man have shamed this woman he loves like this? Now I’m suspect of the entire engagement, may-hap it was done as a Band-Aid measure to cover a gunshot wound.

Meanwhile, news just broke that Eve became engaged to long-time gazillionaire boyfriend, Maxamillion Cooper. Now don’t get it twisted, Cooper has kids too, but from….HIS EX-WIFE.

This will be the first trip down the aisle for Eve. Cooper, who has been dating the former Ruff Ryders rapper since at least 2011, has four children from his previous marriage.

What’s the lesson here? Are white men the better choice? No; but they are an additional option in which to choose from so you don’t feel like you need to hold it down, endure and wait because it’s what you think you’re supposed to do. And before anyone comes in here to scalp me, understand that there’s an 80% out of wedlock rate in the black community. This is an inarguable FACT. Why was this news that Gabby’s boo got another woman pregnant in the fist place? BECAUSE IT’S RACHET.  Everyone outside of the community sees this and knows this, but it will be me who get rocks thrown for the very mention of it.  Stop over-valuing ballers, and rappers, celebrities, black women! Black women are just as guilty of the imaginary status of BLING as black men are.

Ms. Union, you’re gorgeous and accomplished (did you know she graduated from UCLA with honors with a sociology degree and wanted to be a lawyer and only became an actress to help pay school loans?). I mean, really, how typical is this situation?

If you want your “black kang” and nothing else, try looking at your local med or law school, but understand that if you’re reading this and you are NOT Gabrielle, you’ll have to compete hard with Su Lin, Becky, Natasha, and Maria, because those dudes entertain ALL their options.  

Look, I don’t care what color man black women marry, just marry the best man for the job!!  A man who cheated on his wife to be with you, and then on a break knocked some other chick up IS NOT THE BEST MAN FOR THE JOB, unless you are a masochist and totally hate yourself!! This is not the way a high-value woman like Gabrielle should be treated. It’s not. I’ll count how many people now will come on this thread and say I hate black people in 3….2….1….

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