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Gardening 101: Most Important Spring Planting Item Is…

Greens, greens, and more greens.

The Hubster and I did out yearly soil enhancement and planting ritual. As usual, I used my favorite organic compost and fertilizers by E.B. Stone. Everything is looking a bit anemic so I piled on the food to the orange trees, grape vine, black berry bush, lime and kumquat trees. All other available space has gone toward growing salad greens. Why? Mainly because white people think it’s trendy. Anytime white folks think some food is the new “it” thing, the prices get jacked up. I call it the “Whole Foods Effect.” Go to any restaurant and the salad menu will no doubt consist of something this:

Micro greens salad

A bag of organic microgreens in CALIFORNIA! land of the micro greens, is on average $3.99 a bag and sometimes more. Gilt was trying to sell six weeks worth of greens delivered to your door for $100 for just six weeks. I am struck completely dumb by this. Ain’t no way that anyone with even a snatch of a yard should be paying this kind of money for some healthy weeds.


My first little crop of greens, surrounded by a fortress of chicken wire to keep the bunnies out.

One biggie I don’t want to neglect mentioning is that any, I mean ANY leaves you consume should be organic. I maintain complete control over my plantings, using organic soil conditioners, fertilizers and seeds. All the pest control is also done with organic farming in mind. My biggest issue is the snails…my battle with those things is Moby Dick-esque.

Organic strawberries are also a MUST. Too many pesticides otherwise; they soak up that nasty stuff like a sponge.


The turnaround is quick on this stuff, too. It’s about 30-60 days from seed to harvest. Buy some seedlings or small plants to speed up the process and keep the flow going while you literally wait for the grass to grow.

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