Gender Conflict

GAT-DL Teaches Vetting (and Fear of) All Men…Except the Black Ones.

It looks like the GAT-DL (Guardians of All Things Dark & Lovely) are at it again with a video circulating showing a rabid, white Trump supporter spouting racist, alt right bullet points to his black girlfriend (there is some speculation this wasn’t her boyfriend, but her roommate).

One You Tuber even went so far as to GLOAT about this event, essentially “this is what you swirlers get” for messing with these white folks. Meanwhile, the host is MARRIED to a Hispanic woman. He, like many on You Tube, are trying to appropriate the term to mean black people ONLY dating and marry white people. Oh no you don’t. Don’t you dare try to REDEFINE a term that I WROTE THE BOOK ON. Swirling is the intermingling, intertwining, irresistible merging and crossing of all races, cultures and creeds. The host, who attempted to shame and marginalize, is himself a SWIRLER. Unbelievable.

I told the host as much, and said this: “He’s a white supremacist asshole. That’s the truth. But when you use that as a REASON not to “swirl” when your behind is not married to a black woman, you sound like a hypocrite. Swirlers are anyone that crosses races and cultures. LIKE YOU.”

The absolute gall that there are some interracial couples who believe they are somehow “above it all” because they didn’t meet and marry a white person, but with another minority such as Asian, Hispanic, or whatever is astounding. Just because your wife is Mexican doesn’t mean you have the moral authority to condemn and mock black men and women who are married to white people. Because I’ve got news for you–some of the most racist encounters I’ve had in my life have been with minorities–you know…like Mexicans and Asians. If you think these collectives have a “we’re all in this thing together agains The Man” you’re delusional.

Be “Wary” of EVERY MAN….except the black ones.

Black people tell black women to be wary of white men because he may one day in the distant future call you the n-word while he chains you to the bedpost and spends the day fetishizing you.

Black people tell black women to be wary of Hispanic men because they’re colorist and secretly all hate black people, drink all day and beat you.

Black people tell black women to be wary of Asian men because they’re too busy climbing up the ladders to be the “model minority” and being with you is a downgrade. Plus, they’re colorist and all have micro penis.

Black people tell black women to be wary of Arab men because they’ll never marry you, and just might kidnap you into some human smuggling ring to be the sex slave of some terrorist group like ISIS.

The warnings get more and more creative as more and more black women are expanding their options. But you know who they’re STILL not warning you about? Black men. If the GAT-DL would apply the same tough barriers of entry they impose on whites, Hispanics, Asians, and Arabs to black men, then the collective would be in a great deal of trouble. I suppose colorism, disrespect, tolerance of man-boys leaving the mothers of their children to fend for themselves, physical abuse, sexual abuse and even murder are all “burdens to bear” by black women if her partner is black, amiright?

Please tell me you’re all smarter than that, and you see what game is being played here. And if you don’t. Then I guess you deserve what you get.

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