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German Troops Abandon Base In Afghanistan, Protests Still Raging Over Burning of Korans

Several weeks after Korans were almost incinerated on an US airbase in Afghanistan, protesters are still directing their rage at military bases in the country. Since the February 20th burning of the Korans, a preliminary investigation of the initial event has indicated that it was the result of a series of blunders on the part American military personnel. Despite the apology issued to President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, the protests are growing larger as more and more Afghan’s take to the streets to protest the military presence in the country of NATO forces.

In northern Afghanistan, 50 German troops were forced to abandon their base and withdraw to a larger base camp after about 300 protesters amassed outside of their initial encampment.The German troops had already been planning to move to a larger base, but they plan was moved up in timing about a month due to the security concerns posed by protesters.

Britain is also moving to protect the lives of its citizens in the wake of increasing violence in Afghanistan.

After two American officers were shot dead amid protests, Britain decided to withdraw all civilian advisers from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A British Foreign Office spokesman said: “As a temporary measure the British Embassy has withdrawn civilian mentors and advisors from institutions within Kabul. We will keep the situation under review.”

Chris busting in here: As I watch the cluster-cuss going on in Syria right now, and the calls from folks like John McCain to go in and bust some heads, I’m torn. Remember during 9/11, when Syrians were dancing in the streets as 3,000+ Americans met their death? Now the oppressed are asking, “Where is America??” Our relationship with the Middle East is like dealing with a parent you hate (the U.S.) but still needing them to loan you money and bail you out of jail.

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