Get Strapped: Gun Ownership Surges with Black Women

Breitbart, of all places, is reporting that gun ownership and classes amongst black women is surging, especially in places like Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Savannah. What isn’t a surprise is that black women, with the highest rates of domestic violence, murder, and rape of all American women, need this form of protect. What is a surprise is that many black women are actually doing it.

The classes are specifically geared toward the women, bearing names like “Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction,” “Brown Girls Project,” and “Black Woman’s Defense League,” among others. All are designed to teach black women how to properly use a firearm and to carry it in a way that it is accessible and ready if needed for self-defense.

The Guardian reports that domestic violence–being able to stop and survive such violence–is one of the big motivators for this movement. In fact,  Marchelle Tigner–founder of “Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction”–is a domestic violence survivor.

Hmmm….could it be that black women have turned a corner in the notion that we should suffer for all?

Black woman aiming a handgun isolated on white background.

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