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Who Besides Me is Glad More White Chicks are Becoming Video H*es?

Every summer season has an anthem, and it looks like Robin Thicke’s #BlurredLines song is it. The sound has a retro feel to it, and Robin’s falsetto sounds a lot like Prince. You can’t help but bob your head. And because Mr. Thicke is pretty hot, I looked up the song’s video, and I was kinda shocked that the women featured were naked. I mean, NEKKID!

Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ (Dirty Version) from OB MANAGEMENT on Vimeo.

After you pick your mouths up off the floor, take a note that most of the women in the video are white. There’s one black(ish) one, but I’m sensing a trend here. More white women are now being cast in the roles of video hoes, and I’m actually glad about that.

Robin Thicke is not your typical white guy. Some say he’s a wigger (a white guy who had the misfortune of not being born black because he really really really really wants to be black!!!). He is undeniably gorgeous, but is 1000% Blackistan identified. As goes the dysfunctional arm of the black community, so goes Mr. Thicke. So it makes sense that he be part of what I’m seeing more and more. Remember this Jayz and Kanye West video?

It looks like the leaders of (c)rap music have finally transitioned from light-skinned black women who look like white women to actual white women. I’m glad of that for two reasons. The first of which is that, for nearly three decades, black women have been front-and-center as the video-hoe archetype. The ramifications of these depictions have been devastating to the reputations of black women globally. A black chick could go to Outer Siberia and some idiot might ask her to twerk. But perhaps with more white women jumping on the bandwagon and fulfilling the fantasies of the black men, that exclusive burden black women carry might be mitigated.

The second reason I’m glad of seeing more white women in these videos is that perhaps, MAYBE, POSSIBLY white hipster feminists (Jezebel readers, I’m looking at you!!) might begin to show some empathy for what black women have had to endure. And for the first time in decades, (c)rap music and it’s deleterious messages might actually be scrutinized, and Ashley Judd might be vindicated. Once white women realize that their whiteness will not protect them from exploitation and objectification (because these dudes really don’t give a shit), we might actually see something change.

Please be aware that I know this post sounds snarky. I mean no ill will to my white sisters, but I’m truly sincere in hoping that now that THEY are increasingly exploited in the hip hop world, they might gain some understanding and empathy for what black women endure.


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