Goddess of the Week: Youngblood!

I love how this girl is thinking smart: maximizing her dating opportunities during her college years. It’s the best time to learn about yourself, what you want and how you need to be treated as a partner. You’re at the height of youth and beauty, too, so that can’t hurt.

Danielle Clarke, 19

I’m 19 years old and living in the Western suburbs of Atlanta and loving it!! I
moved here two years ago from Mobile, Alabama and it is a really huge change. If you
like listening to southern accents you will love me. I will be starting college at
Georgia State University in June, Go Panthers. I will be double majoring in
Journalism and Political Science, thanks to Anderson Cooper lol. I have quite a few hobbies, my main one being acting. Generally I love to do anything that has to do with being downtown in the city whether it be seeing a movie or going to a museum.

Speaking of museums, I adore art. If you can get with some good Miguel Covarrubias or Frida Kahlo, we need to talk!

Being that I am so young, I’m looking for a good rainbeau to get to know. Not
rushing for anything serious but I do find it hard to get together with younger
(20-35) rainbeaus, at least where I live. I would like to mee someone intelligent
and goal oriented with an awesome sense of self and humor. And like all ladies, go
all googly over accents lol Oh and he can’t be afraid when i whip out my huge

Now this is a fro!

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