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Good call, ABC: Scandal gets renewed for a second season

The news I had been waiting for has finally arrived: ABC has officially decided to renew Scandal. Shonda Rhimes, producer and creator of Scandal announced the good news on her twitter account.

Another of Ms. Rhimes’ shows–the massively popular Grey’s Anatomy–has been renewed too, while the jury is still out on what’s going to happen with Private Practice, the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

Catching Up…

In the most recently aired episode, titled “The Trail,” we find out a bit of the back-story on the development of the lead character Olivia Pope’s relationship with the President Grant. I think it was a smart move to tease the audience a bit by waiting until near the end of the season to fill the viewers in on how these two–Grant and Pope–starting hooking up.

Some secrets were revealed in “The Trail” but on a show the name Scandal, there will always be more secrets. Betsey Beers, Shonda Rhimes’ producing partner on Scandal and respected writer in her own right, says that by the end of season one some issues get cleared up but “nothing is ever fully resolved.”

Are you feeling the show yet? What are your thoughts on the development of Scandal thus far?


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