What the Cuss?

Great News! Chris Brown to Star in “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” Movie!

Since some folks on this board don’t think I give enough credence to reformed thugs and girlfriend beaters who are black, this entry is me attempting to address your incessant need for good news about our ‘brothas!’

According to Clutch magazine, Chris Brown was announced as part of the cast for the movie based on Steve Harvey’s breakthrough, blockbuster, best-selling book “Act Like a Mule, Think a Man Should Walk All Over You.”

Not sure if anyone remembers (because some folks have really short memories), Chris Brown was the rainbeau who beat Rhianna senseless a while back. Now reformed, he’ll make millions telling women how they should behave in order to snag the bounty of good black men that we all seem to overlook in a desperate need to date the great, great, great, great, grandsons of our slavemasters.

What a story of redemption! We should all support this brother and spend our hard earned money so Chris Brown and Steve Harvey can tell us black bitches how to behave, lest we get cheated on, or worse, beaten.

Because Chris Brown got the legal equivalent to a smack on the hand and said he was sorry, let’s just forgive. He’s changed! Drop the dollars and see the movie that will no doubt enlighten you on how wrong you are to want love, respect, and a dude with a steady job, who eventually wants to get married–not multiple times after he cheats–but just once…to you.

I know FOR A FACT Chris Brown is reformed. He no longer beats women. He just throws chairs out of windows on busy New York streets, and chair and glass chards hitting anyone isn’t his fault. They should have known better than to walk down a street with glass buildings on them.

I hope all the detractors will see my “sincere” cheerleading of yet another black rainbeau who has displayed violence and contempt towards women, and a pimp-suit wearing, bald-headed comedian, thrice married blow smoke up your arse.

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