On Your Guard: The ‘Blacklash’ Has Begun. Violence Against BW/WM Couples and Families Trending.

Last week, news came in from the U.K. that a biracial child was snatched from a stroller and received a broken collar bone because some BEAST didn’t like the fact that his mother, a black woman, made a child with a white man.

From “The Mirror

A two-year-old boy broke his collarbone after being the victim of a racist attack on a train, it was revealed today.

The youngster was in his pushchair when a black man began shouting vile racist abuse at the child’s mother on the train to Highams Park in east London.

It is believed the racist was attacking the 30-year-old woman, who is also black, because the child had lighter-coloured skin and may have been mixed race.

As the mother tried to get off the train he grabbed her by the hair, dragging her to the ground and knocking over the pushchair injuring the toddler.

This week, news comes out of Atlanta that four BEASTS beat a man until he was unrecognizable and then forced him into oncoming traffic where he was subsequently killed. Their beef? He had the nerve to be walking and talking to a black woman.

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I have been warning of this for years, and sadly it looks like the ‘blacklash’ against black women and white men having romantic relationships has begun. And the violence isn’t coming from white people, it’s coming from feral, black man-child BEASTS who think they own the vaginas of all black women, for them to use, impregnate and leave to raise more fatherless, angry children who may or may not join the ranks of Blackistan soldiers hell bent on the subjugation of black women.

But let me stop and be clear, because I know the legions of GAT-DLs will come up in here and say I’m calling all black men beasts. I’m not. Just the ones who KILL and MAIM innocents. Got it? GOOD. I hate disclaimers but the there’s way too many dumb people trolling my blog, so…








Let’s review. The nobody-wants-black-women crew, so convinced of our undesirability is beginning to squirm a bit, as they see black women putting down their arms and throwing up their hands and walking away to pursue healthy and functional relationships with men who will actually marry them BEFORE they knock them up (and miss me with any counterarguments–we’ve got an 80% out-of-wedlock rate in the BC, so STFU). We’ve now got black women who refuse to entertain expanding their options accusing those that do of thinking they are “better than.” And STILL we have others who, with heads deep in the sand like ostriches, one of the dumbest animals in nature, saying that “swirling” is just not a big deal in 2013. And to all of them I say this: WAKE THE PHUCK UP!! News flash! The nobody-wants-you crew was LYING. The lie is unraveling, and folks are straight up foaming at the mouth, especially feral and fatherless boys, threatened that they’ll be one less couch they can sleep on, one less womb they will exploit, and one less woman they can use as a cum dumpster. BEASTS, it is YOU who treat black women like bed wenches these days, not the white men you accuse of doing so, and NOW YOU ARE MAD. But some of you aren’t content to just smolder. Some of you are ready to shed blood for the women you say you hate and don’t want.

And while this dangerous crew is in the minority (for now) if the “good black men” stay silent and do nothing, it is my opinion that that silence is quiet agreement. And just wait until one of the BEASTS gets shot in the ass by a non-black man who won’t play. The entire Blackistani community will cry racism, and then stone the woman as a traitor.

I was so concerned about this I dedicated a section in “Swirling” about this, along with some tips for interracial couples who find themselves in hostile environments. Some of my recommendations are obvious–don’t go on dates in predominately black areas. It could at least get you clowned by the ignorants, and at worst, it could get you maimed or killed by the BEASTS. And I hate to say it my sisters still living in the hood–I feel like I’m betraying you, but I don’t recommend non-black men dating you while you’re living in war zones. It can be dangerous for you and the man you are seeing. If you do, I recommend you meet separately and go home separately, especially at night, unless of course your man is a ninja, Navy Seal, or mafia hit man.

But don’t look to the media to start calling these attacks hate crimes. I suppose it must boggle their minds to think that black women could be in the center of a piss fight, because, well you know, nobody wants us anyway, right?

Be vigilant. Watch out for the B.E.A.S.T.S. and don’t be shocked when you see more incidences like this on the news while inhabitants of Blackistan play dumb. Men, protect yourselves and your women. Women, know who your enemies are.


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