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Guest of the Inner Sanctum: Racy JC on Jews and Chelsea Clinton

Jews gone wild over Chelsea!

JC Davies is a chick after my own heart. Not only do we share similar sensibilities on interracial dating, but she also has a wicked sense of humor. So when she asked to tip-toe into our community over here, I said hecktotheyeah! JC runs an interracial dating blog, and is the author of Love: What’s Race Got to do With It (Doublewide Publications)

Please give a warm welcome a sassy and sardonic, Racy JC!

The daughter of our 42nd president may have been an awkward teenager in the white house, but now she is all grown up and gettin’ hitched. That’s great I guess, but it doesn’t affect me at all, so I don’t really give a crap. And as Chelsea Clinton has always been too classy to create “Paris Hilton” type drama like some other children in the white house (Bush girls anyone?), in general, our nation also seems to be showing mild interest at best. But 2% of the US population, the Jews, seem to be Chelsea obsessed. You see Chelsea is not just marrying one Jewish man, but somehow will be partly responsible for the rise or fall of the entire Jewish culture!

News articles in the Jewish press read like the fate of Judaism is at stake:

*Chelsea Clinton’s wedding another symptom of declining US Jewish community

*Will Chelsea Clinton Convert? Jews Wonder and Ponder the Implications

*Will Chelsea Clinton convert? And why no one is wondering if the groom will. (Oh shit, we might actually loose a Jew, hadn’t thought of that one!)

Jews have proven themselves to be a strong, special – and dare I say “chosen” people. They have survived Egyptian oppressors, the ten plagues (locusts!), constant relocation, and the fucking Nazi’s for Christ sakes, but if Chelsea doesn’t convert – forgetaboutit, it’s all over for the Jews! As if all of us shiksas dating Jews are waiting with baited breath to see if Ms. Clinton converts and if so, plan to head to the nearest synagogue in droves and convert. Yes 50% of all Jews marry out of their faith, the highest rate of any culture that I am aware of. Yes, some of the older Jews traditions are being lost. But you can’t pin that on Ms. Clinton. What she does will not change anything in regards to the future of Judaism in the US or anywhere else for that matter.

Let’s look at the positives shall we. It wasn’t so long ago that Jews were subjected to their own Jim Crow, not allowed to got to certain schools, country clubs, hotels, etc. Now rightly Jews can do anything, including marry the daughter of the president and hopefully soon even – be the president. (You know what they always, say after the blacks, the Jews are always next.) So I say – Jews stop your kevetch-ing and let’s raise a glass to Chelsea and Marc. Mazel tov!

Racy JC

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